Tree-scape & Fitch LLC

Complete and professional tree care in Fairfield and Litchfield counties

We specialize in difficult takedowns and removals, storm damage, pruning, cabling, stump grinding, prompt courteous service, firewood and immaculate clean-ups. We are licensed, insured, and a member of the Better Business Bureau.


Our Equipment

It’s a poor workman who quarrels with his tools.  We’ve selected equipment that takes the weight off our shoulders (sometimes literally!) and makes the job easier for us.  That means we spend less time at your house and you get the backyard or curb appeal of your dreams that much quicker.


The best tool for any job is a good team.  Tree work can be dangerous because of the technical aspects of handling heavy materials.  We’re moving tons of wood and usually doing it next to objects that we want to protect, including your windows or even delicate landscape plantings.  Each member of our team is trained and communicates well with the other members to ensure every job is done safely, efficiently, and well.

70-Foot Arial Lift Bucket Truck

Trees are tall.  We’re often working with some great views.  Getting to those heights means we need the right equipment and a bucket is often our best answer.  We can position ourselves at just the right height and angle to work safely and ensure that anything headed toward the ground will fall where we want it to go, clearing any valuable features such as a septic system or well head.  The boom is also relatively easy to reposition.  Tree work can also be fast paced; we don’t want to waste time setting up and our truck can make the job go smooth.

There are times when the bucket isn’t a viable option and that’s when we turn to climbing equipment.  We love to climb trees.  In fact, we spend much of our free time rock climbing because we enjoy the physical and mental challenge of getting off the ground.  The activity feels great and we can make sure we’re getting exactly where the tree needs us to be, whether we’re pruning or removing.

Carlton Chippers

We bring our chipper on site to deal with material that comes off the tree, as it comes off the tree.  We won’t leave piles of branches around your property because, not only is that an ugly way to treat a lawn, it’s also an unsafe way to work.  We don’t want tripping hazards as we position either the bucket or our climbing ropes.  It’s also a proven fact that cleanup is more efficient if you tackle it as you go rather than let it pile up at the end of the day.

The winch on our chipper and its capacity allow us to clean up some significantly sized limbs and trunks so that you don’t have to worry about wood such as pine, which isn’t viable as firewood.  These trees are great to look at and fun to have in your yard until they are down.  Then, no one wants the wood and anyone who tells you that it won’t take long to break down in a corner of the yard is telling you to be very, very patient.  Chip and enjoy not only a clean space but reduce the invitation to nasty insects such as termites.

Stump Grinder

A stump grinder has to do two things very well.  Of course, the machine must be strong enough to chew through any wood, hard or soft, to break up the complex patterns that form at the base of any tree.  The machine also needs to be nimble and go through fence gates or other narrow spaces.  While the bucket can go over obstructions, the stump grinder needs to squeeze through to do its thing.  We’re proud to say that our stump grinder is just the best at being where we want it with no problems.

Hauling Equipment

Wood and chips may not be what you want on your property.  We can haul material away at your request and the size of our trucks means that we can do so with as few trips as possible.  Our goal is to make you happy to come home at the end of a long day or to invite guests over on nights and weekends.  What do you want to see out your windows?  We’ll make that happen.

Wood Splitter

They say firewood warms you twice, when you split it and when you burn it.  Splitting is a tough job and given how much wood we handle, we’re happy to share the work with our machine.  We can provide a fine product to our list of loyal customers and make sure everyone has enough fuel on hand, delivered exactly when and where they want it to be.


Keeping our equipment running is our duty and promise to you.  We have a robust maintenance program and backup equipment to ensure that we will not put your schedule at risk.  We won’t ask you to be patient with a pile of brush or large pieces of wood on your lawn while we fix a chipper or repairing the loader.

We also do not charge extra for the equipment we bring on site.We know what it will take to do the job right and we stick by our estimates.You’ll never be asked to pay an unexpected fee just to get to the finish line.